About Us

Weekly expiration options are still a new development in the world of option trading. Since they were introduced, there has been a lot of speculation on how to use them in the most effective manner.  Most of the information out there is wrong. Weeklies can be very dangerous since there is not enough time to overcome any adverse moves in the position. Most weekly trading strategies are nothing more than gambling.

The Weekly Trading System aims to provide investors with a guideline to develop their own trading system by showing them a simple system that performed admirably over an 18 month backtest.

Our company was formed in 2009 as a way to introduce individual investors to the world of option selling. Since then, thousands of individuals have taken advantage of our services and teachings. By learning how to sell options, these investors have been able to diversify their investments and add another source of income.

The trading systems we use focus on conservative strategies, good money management, and risk avoidance. These are some of the same strategies market makers, hedge funds, and other professional traders use.

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