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  1. What exactly are you offering?
    WeeklyTradingSystem.com is a weekly option trading advisory.
    Please note: WE DO NOT TRADE EVERY WEEK. We trade weekly options thus our name.
    We use our proprietary trading system to generate trades using weekly options.
    We share these trades with our paying members.
    We could have 2 trades a week or go a couple weeks without a trade.
    It all depends on how the markets are behaving.
    We do not force trades.
  2. How much is your service?
    Right now, the service is only $49 per month. That is not a typo. Regular price was $97 per month. But in 2013 we reduced the price because the system was not generating enough trades. This was due to very low volatility.  Since then we added a 2nd System that now allows us to trade in high and low volatility markets. Eventually the price will be raised back to $97. But those signing up at the $49 price will be grandfathered in and their rate will never increase as long as they are a member.
  3. What do I need to be able to do this?
    Trading weekly credit spreads on an index is classified as an “advanced” option strategy by most brokers.
    You will need:
  • A brokerage account that allows you to sell credit spreads on indexes
  • Knowledge of how to use your broker’s trading platform to execute the trades
  • Basic knowledge of option credit spreads and how they work
  • How much money do I need to use this system?
    That is entirely up to you. We suggest you start with $10,000. Starting with less than $5,000 is not a good idea. Whatever money you do start with should be money you can lose.
    No matter what you start with, we suggest you not put all your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind that each trade has the possibility of losing 100% of the amount invested.
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    Yes there is. We are so confident in our system that if we have a losing trade in your first month of membership we will gladly refund your membership fee. Just email us. Other than that, there are no refunds.
  • How many trades are made every week?
    If we receive a Signal to trade, we initiate one (1) trade per day. So at max, there might be two trades a week. Thanks to our newer SPX trading system, we can trade SPX any day of the week. But we still limit trades to a maximum of two per week.
  • How will I be notified of new trades?
    Members are emailed each trade. You can also access the member’s area of the site which lists the latest trades, commentary and current positions.
    If a Signal is given on a trading day, you can expect an email 2-3 hours before the close of trading with all instructions.
  • When do we exit the trades?
    We want our trades to expire worthless. Only in rare instances will we close a trade before expiration. Letting the trades expire also saves on commissions.
  • What if I have never traded an option before?
    We urge you to familiarize yourself with credit spreads and how they work first. Most option friendly brokers have excellent educational resources on their site and will even explain how to execute the trades over the phone. In the worst case scenario you should be able to call your broker and have them execute it for you – but they will charge much higher commissions for this.
    Before you begin, we strongly suggest Papertrading. This is just like real trading with a regular account but you do not have any money at risk. This will allow you to get experience with your broker’s trading platform and the order entry procedure. Ask your broker if they have papertrading.
  • Can I trade using my retirement accounts?
    Many option brokers allow you to trade these strategies in your IRA.
  • How liquid are the markets you trade?
    Very liquid. Our trades use indexes, which trade hundreds of thousands of option contracts every day.
  • Can I use your trades if I do not live in the USA?
    If your broker allows it sure. We actually have lots of members who do not live in the USA. It doesn’t matter where you live.
  • Do you trade these same trades in your account?
    Yes. we place every trade that we release to members.
  • What broker should I use?
    There are several good ones. Anyone that allows you to trade option spreads is fine.
  • Do you guarantee I won’t lose money?
    Of course not. While we do our best to keep from losing money, we do have losses. Losses are unavoidable. As long as the losses are smaller than our profits we will be fine.
  • Do you offer Autotrading?
    Yes, we do offer autotrading at no additional charge of members. Autotrading is where you tell your broker to execute our trades for you in your account. While it is not guaranteed that your broker will get filled, this is a good option for those of you who are not able to trade during the day. You have complete control over your account. We have no access to your account. You can cancel autotrade or modify positions at any time.


Currently we offer autotrading with the following brokers:

If you are using a different broker that you would like to Autotrade our service with, please email them to add us.
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