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Weekly Trading System Summary

The system…

-trades credit spreads because they are easy to understand, implement, and control losses when they occur.

-trades options on the RUT because it is less volatile, is highly liquid, is cash based, will not cause us to be assigned stock, and gets 60-40 tax treatment.

-trades on Thursday and Friday to get the optimal time value

-only trades when there is a signal which tells us which direction to trade

-uses a set of RULES that dictate which strikes to sell

Enjoy the Benefits of the System

Isn’t it time you started trading weekly options profitably?

When you join our service, we will monitor the System for you and notify you every time a trade is released.

We do all the work, you get the spoils. All you have to do is place the trade with your broker. You can do it through their website, or even on the phone.

It couldn’t be easier.

Welcome to the club!



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