What Makes Us Different

Why Should You Choose Weekly Trading System?

Great question.

There are many sites that offer a similar service to what we do. Yet they are all missing something very important…

A Tested and Proven System.

Our System is what makes us different. It is tested, and it works.

The other guys simply choose a credit spread based on delta, and that’s all you get. Basically what they do is pick a day to trade, then pick a delta for the short option, usually 10, and that’s their trade.

There’s no thinking, no reasoning… no nothing. A delta 10 credit spread has a 90% chance of expiring worthless, so most of their trades make money. It is just simple math. Don’t fall for their sales pitch of having “experience” and “analysis”. It takes neither to pick a low delta credit spread.

We’ve been trading options for years and can tell you experience and analysis have nothing to do with the way the other guys trade. In fact, I’d call it straight up gambling.

If that is all you want, you don’t need an “advisory.” Just do it yourself and save the monthly fee. Believe me, your results will be the same as theirs. You will win several weeks in a row, but then get wiped out every once in a while.

We go way beyond this.

1. We don’t force trades just to trade. We only put on a trade when our Signal is triggered. The markets tell us when it is safe to get in the water.

2. We only trade RUT or SPX, and only if there is a Signal. Through extensive testing and trading we have found certain days to be the most effective for selling credit spreads on weeklies. This actually goes against our original hypothesis that the fewer days in a trade the better. But we cannot argue with the results.

3. We trade Put Spreads and Call Spreads. Sometimes we enter a Put Spread on Thursday and a Call Spread on Friday. This gives us an Iron Condor which means double the credit without adding any more money or risk to the trade.

4. The System protects us from wild swings to the downside. Our losses have come mostly on Call positions, not Puts.

If you want to roll the dice with weekly options, just pick a delta for the short strike and sell it week after week. But keep in mind that you will eventually lose, and the loss will wipe out months of gains.

But if you want to Systemize your trading, and not only have the odds on your side, but a proven methodology, then you should join us. We will still have the occasional loser, but the safegaurds contained in the system keep losers to a minimum.

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